Thank you for visiting us.  Our Pastors and Church Leaders are very please to meet you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Senior Pastor: Dr. Christian Phước-Lành Phan – 206-240-2405 or
Associate Pastor: Mr. Tòng Thanh Phạm – 206-243-7638
Associate  Pastor: Mr. Châu Ngọc Nguyễn – 206-538-9952
Youth/English Speaking Pastor: Mr. Du Dinh – 408-341-5941
Secretary / Director of Men Ministry: Mr. Ngôn Thanh Phan
Treasurer: Mrs. Bích Ngọc Đặng
Treasurer Assistant: Mr. Erick Ngo
Director of Women Ministry: Mrs. Kiều Ngọc Đặng
Director of Children Ministry: Mrs. Vivian Nguyen
Director of Worship Ministry: Miss. Rebecca Anh-Thư Pham
Director of Discipleship Ministry: Mr. Long Hồng Đào
Director of Fellowship  Ministry: Mr. Tín Hữu Ngô
Director of Prayer & Outreach Ministries: Mr. Robert Minh Neathery
Director of Property & Facility: Dr. Kevin Tiến Đình Lê


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